Welcome to Africa

EDITOR - If you turn on the television set, all you see is violence. Turn off the television and read in the newspaper about droughts, disease, and poverty. Look outside your window, xenophobia has left its mark on the streets. Welcome to Africa!

The current generation can barely differentiate between an African ruler and a leader, because our motherland is suddenly full of dictators. So then, what is expected from my generation when the image being presented at the moment is negative? We have to stop complaining about every single thing that we find wrong with the African society. If you feel that something in Africa is wrong, then stop sitting and complaining about it do something.

We should be proudly African because of the changes that we seek and fight for. We should be empowered to act against the odds. Do not think, enough is enough’ when it clearly is not. Poverty, xenophobia, droughts and other things have made themselves safely and comfortably at home in Africa, but it’s about time that we speak out and give all these negativities their eviction note!

Africa should be full of expectancy and ambition; dreaming big enough to make the next generation only realise the existence of poverty in historical contexts. Regardless of our background, race and age, let us know the greatness that lies within us, and expose that greatness in other Africans. Every human being has got something to offer when it comes to the betterment of Africa. We should have a vision for Africa, and a passion to keep us going when the going gets tough. Forward progress in improving conditions in Africa is spear-headed by determined individuals and

societies that support the vision and strategies.

Xenophobia, rape and poverty belong beneath the feet of Africa. As Oscar Sanchez, a Nobel Peace Prize winner said, “Understand that by fighting for the impossible, one begins to make it possible”. ANON., by e-mail

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