Who is Zuma for: Zim or Mugabe?

zuma_speakEDITOR - South African President Jacob Zuma ought to choose between mediating in the best interests of Zimbabwe and marching along the liberation brotherhood line which in African experience is the dictatorship line. The two are not complementary. Ours is a serious situation requiring serious action from serious people. Plain and simple, Zumas statement at

Whatever the pros and cons of the sanctions regime, Jacob Zumas threat that, if Zimbabwe remained burdened with sanctions SADC would effectively support Mugabes non-implementation of the Global Political Agreement, was unstatesmanlike, irresponsible and unfortunate. But it does put to rest any speculation about his impartiality and sincerity let alone desire to see this country chart a new way forward.

We appreciate Zuma and indeed applaud the rest of SADC looking out for their comrades in Harare. We applaud the spirit of brotherliness.

However, who is going to look out for the ordinary people of Zimbabwe? Who is going to look out for the millions on the receiving end of what has become institutionalised violence and brutality? Who will protect those in Masvingo from the wrath of Jabulani Sibanda? Who will look out for the millions whose yearning for democracy, peace and justice is often arrogantly dismissed as puppetry? Who will guard our nation against the perennial plunder of its resources?

What is wrong with Jacob Zuma? What is wrong with SADC? What is wrong with Africa? This is a state of affairs disconcerting to anyone determined to improve the outlook of this country and the lifestyle of its citizens.

The Union for Sustainable Democracy calls on the South African President to uncompromisingly work in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe in their quest for a democratic, peaceful and prosperous nation. Statements like Zumas run counter to that quest for the simple reason that they seek to entrench the very system of government we are trying to uproot. USD, by e-mail

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