Widower wants to be senator

patson_chipiroMHONDORO - Despite having lost his wife in the run up to the bloody 2008 Presidential Election run-off, Patson Chipiro is determined to fight until the end in order to dislodge President Robert Mugabe. (Pictured: Patson Chipiro beside his wifes grave)

On June 6, 2008 Chipiros wife, Dadirai, was cut into pieces by Zanu (PF) youth militia. Three houses were burnt, and a family was destroyed. For him the scars remain unhealed. However, he believes that elections offer him a chance to fight back. This time around he wants to be a senator for Mhondoro-Ngezi.

I do not care whether elections are there next year. All I want is to see Mugabe going. I want to see the people who killed my wife being arrested. The Government of National Unity (GNU) has failed me they have failed to make those people who are responsible for the death of my wife pay, said Chipiro.

Over 200 MDC-T supporters were butchered by Zanu (PF)-trained thugs during the June 27, 2008 Presidential Election run-off. I reported the case to the police at Mamina a long time ago, but they have done nothing. The police officer who was doing my case has been transferred and I have been informed that the docket has disappeared. However, I do not care for I know that my wifes death will one day be avenged, he says.

Dadirais grave is just a few metres from his house which is still black with soot. I buried my wife in front of my house so that I can see her every day. I am not afraid of Zanu (PF) thugs because I have nothing to lose. If I surrender now then my wifes death would have been in vain. I am going to fight until the bitter end even if I die trying to bring democracy to the people of Mhondoro.

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