ZIMCODD launches book in braille

HARARE - The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) last week launched a grassroots training manual that is printed in Braille to assist the visually impaired to have a say in the issues of development.

Speaking at the launch of the book also written in Ndebele and Shona, ZIMCODD Harare regional chairperson Kelvin Hazangwi said the coalition aimed to raise economic awareness among marginalised groups such as the blind so that their views were included in policy making processes.

Hazangwi said that the marginalised groups such as the physically challenged were disadvantaged because of the technical language that was used by the technocrats when they formulated policies. This was despite the fact that the laws were meant for all people.

According to the National Association for the Care of the Handicapped (NASCOH) 10 of the country’s population have a disability. Unless well educated, most of these people have been excluded from governance issues. ZIMCODD said poor governance was one of the root causes of the socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe over the past few decades. It said citizens were ultimately liable for the public debts through the taxes they paid.

Regardless of whether they were aware of the debts or not or whether the loan proceeds were used properly or misused,” said Hazangwi. ZIMCODD said citizens indirectly paid for debts when the Government concentrated resources on paying debts at the expense of infrastructure. The countrys debt/population ratio is estimated at US$525.03 per person.

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