BPRA engages parliamentary portfolio on Chombo issue

chombo_ignatiusBulawayo Progressive Residents Association has engaged the parliamentary portfolio committee on local government, rural and urban development to make a full inquisition on Minister Chombos assets and how those assets were acquired. (Pictured: Minister Chombo)

In a letter hand delivered to the respective body by a BPRA member of staff, the association saw it fit to initiate accountability on behalf of residents by demanding a full investigation into how Minister Chombo acquired all those assets on a ministers salary. BPRA also demanded a full investigation that will extend to all ministers and government officials in the country since most government officials live lavish lifestyles yet their salaries state otherwise. Government officials are alleged to own vast assets all over and outside the country yet ordinary citizens are homeless and poor. Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) is appalled and believes that the revelation is a microcosm of plunder that is prevalent in positions of power in the country. If the minister is found guilty of enriching himself, the association proposes that he resigns and relevant legal proceedings be taken against him.

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