Chissano refuses to parrot Zanu PFs sanctions line

chisano2.jpegOnce again, the highly partisan state broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) unashamedly exposed itself as a Zanu PF mouth-piece when it tried to coerce the visiting former Mozambican president Joachim Chissano (Pictured) to parrot a tired mantra on imaginary sanctions against Zimbabwe. <

Chissano flatly refused to be drawn into that line, after several, desperate attempts by the ZBCs reporter, Judith Makwanya to say something on this moribund subject used by Zanu PF to mask 30 years of public asset stripping, wholesale looting and corruption that reduced Zimbabwe to scrap yard.

Mr Chissano and the world know that Zanu PF through dictatorship and tyranny — is the prime author and source of Zimbabwes collapse. A horrified international community was forced to ban Mugabe and a few dozen Zanu PF officials from Western capitals in a bid to stop Zimbabwes hemorrhage. The scale of looting, corruption and human rights abuses were unprecedented, leaving the progressive world with no option than to impose travel restrictions on Mugabe and his cabal.

Mr Chissanos refusal to be dragged into the Zanu PFs falsehood demonstrated his maturity and sense of reason. This was the second time Zanu PF tried to abuse Mr Chissano. Last week, a confused Emmerson Mnangagwa high jacked the official opening ceremony of a privately owned, mine-sponsored Mtshingwe Primary School in Zvishavane and turned it into a Zanu PF rally in Mr. Chissanos presence. To the people of Zimbabwe, the issue of sanctions is an irrelevant side-show. They know that Zanu PF attempts to cover up endemic corruption in that party by creating none issues like sanctions. It defies logic that Zanu PF tries to ambush and enlist unsuspecting regional leaders to its lost cause.

Instead of focusing on Mr Chissanos lecture at the Midlands State University on conflict resolution in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, ZBC veered off-course to fulfill Zanu PFs standing instructions on news content. The record is clear that Zanu PF and Mugabe betrayed a nation and gambled with their inheritance, their heritage, dignity and self-esteem. The people want the putrid and corrupt officials inside Zanu PF to stay away from public office.

Together, united, winning, ready for real change!

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