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Incidences of election violence continue to rise amid confusion within the political parties over whether it is the right time to hold elections or not.

Have you witnessed or experienced any incidents of violence or harassment? What is happening in your area, please share with us?

Some Zanu (PF) structures have endorsed President Mugabe for next elections and the 86-year-old leader has said he is ready to take on elections. We would like to hear from Zanu (PF) members in the grassroots about their feelings on this development?

Responses to last weeks column

It is just my opinion and I stand to be corrected, but I would like to know just one thing from the MDC and any right thinking citizens of our lovely country – how are these elections going to solve our problems, given the past history of elections particularly since 2000? How many elections has the MDC won fair and square but nothing seems to change? Propaganda aside, we all know the answer to that question, but we keep on trying to do the same thing and hoping for different results. If anyone still had any doubt about the true intentions of the ruling party then the 2008 elections should have been a wake-up call. Zanu will not hand over power even if they fail to get a single vote! And let us forget about Sadc supervising elections, they are now part of the problem by consistently supporting Mugabe. Same goes for OAU, they’re a failure, look at their track record in Africa. That only leaves UN. Otherwise my suggestions is to boycott any elections till the world sees that it is because people get raped, tortured, killed trying to vote, and at end of day the election is rigged. We are not going anywhere with this. – Anonymous, by email.

South Africa is being unfair to Zimbabweans because how can they say they are registering us when they serve less than 10 people per day where there are queues of more than a kilometre. This is outrageous. We are being cheated, the South African administration is pretending to be good to the outside world. I suggest the UN must come and assess the registration process to see if it means standard procedures of handling refugees. Anonymous.

Let us not stop complaining about South Africa, people must come home and help build the country. Imagine if the four million in Diaspora were to come back and vote, it would be victory for democracy. I am going back home this December and I urge my fellows to do the same. T. Kola Limpopo.

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