Namibia Communiqu Update: SADC adopts European digital migration model

Southern Africa has finally adopted the European standard for digital terrestrial broadcasting. The process breaks through the confusion that staled the digital migration process in the region following debate on whether the region should adopt the European Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DBV-T) standard or the Japanese Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB-T) standard.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) special task team has settled the digital TV standards argument by adopting the latest version of the European standard, known as digital video broadcasting terrestrial version 2, or DVB-T2.

In a statement following a three-day meeting of the SADC committee responsible for reviewing the digital TV migration standard in Lusaka, Zambia, Committee Chairman who is also Namibias Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Joel Kaapanda said the best standard for the region is DVB-T2. Kaapanda said the committee based its decisions on several factors, including the looming international deadline for digital migration of 2015.


As the age of digital television dawns, southern African leaders met on 22 November 2010, to hear the findings of a special task team appointed to show the way ahead.

The meeting starts in Zambia, where broadcasting ministers from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) received feedback from the team appointed to investigate and advise on the viability of the digital standards best suited to southern Africa.

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