Residents gather in the fight against corruption

chra_1The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) conducted informative road shows in Highfields and Glen Norah over the weekend in a bid to mobilise residents to demand accountability and transparency in Local Government.

The road shows, which were conducted at Machipisa and Chitubu Shopping Centres respectively, attracted over 1,000 residents who gathered and expressed their determination to stamp out corruption in local government.

The road shows were prompted by the reluctance of the powers that be to commission investigations into the incriminating revelations made by the Harare Land Audit Report regarding Minister Chombo and Philip Chiyangwas unprocedural acquisition of Harare land. Residents are not amused with the fact that the Honourable Minister and Chiyangwa have never been investigated but the Harare Councilors who came up with the report are the ones who were arrested instead. The recent revelations of Minister Chombos numerous properties in almost every Local Authority in Zimbabwe are also a cause for concern to residents.

chra_2Within that context, CHRA conducted the road shows to disseminate information and raise awareness among residents regarding these issues. The road shows were also a mobilising tool to bring residents together so that they could come up with collective resolutions on issues of corruption. The Association witnessed a great turnout of residents, most of whom openly demanded the reinstatement of the suspended Harare Councilors. Residents expressed their discontent at the ongoing and seemingly endless investigations on the suspended Councilors which they said is a waste of ratepayers money. They pointed out that Chombo is on a war path to frustrate the Councilors so that they can stop exposing him. Residents also demanded that Minister Chombo should be fired because he has dismally failed to resuscitate Local Authorities and that he should be investigated and brought to book for his corrupt activities. Issues of service delivery were also explored as residents depicted their grievances through theatre, poetry and music.

CHRA is currently in the process of engaging the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government and the Prime Minsters office to appeal for their intervention. The Association remains committed to advocating for democratic, transparent and accountable local governance as well as lobbying for quality and affordable municipal services on a non partisan basis.

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