Sanii in trouble with fans over Mugabe song

sanii_makhalimaHARARE-Urban Grooves artiste Sani Sanii Makhalimas music career is on crush course as fans are breathing fire threatening to cut ties with him following his latest offering which he dedicated to President Robert Mugabe. (Pictured: Sanii Makhalima under fire from f

Saniis Facebook wall had more than 128 comments criticising the young Urban Groovers move to be roped into the Zanu (PF) propaganda bandwagon at a time when all the artistes such as Andy Brown, the late Simon Chopper Chimbetu, Tambaoga and Chinx Chingaira amongst a host of others lost popularity when they started singing praise songs of the infamous party.

He dedicated and officially presented his new album Get Connected to President Mugabe. Anyone angered by the move is not forced to support or buy my music, blurted Sanii who is still over the moon when he met the President on his birthday.

He later tagged a message on his Facebook wall, which reads, I officially met His Excellency President R.G Mugabe yesterday! Wow, who would have guessed that Urban Music would get us to such a level? Additionally todays Herald, front page has the picture, WOW what more could I ask for? Its been a cool birthday present!

The message attracted a flock of hate messages from Zimbabweans in and outside the country. Guys wait till you see Sanii do those career damaging advertisements for Zanu. He will regret meeting the guy, wrote Tawanda Mabukwa.

Guys dont forget Sanii was part of that Sisonke anthem during those days of Hondo Yeminda, said Ndeza Pfavai Mucherahowa.

Tafadzwa Alfred Matowa wrote: You have just lost your fans, you shouldn’t have mate with that creature, Bob the killer. We miss our country because of that man. Anyway, I am still going to listen to your music but Im not going to buy it. Happy birthday.

Another fan, Pearson Gwekwerere said Hey! Sani I hope it wont spoil your music. Then visit Tsvangirai also to balance things here man. I love your music and dont want to see you fall because of politics baba. Good luck.

Fada Maximum added: You know there was a show we once did in 2002 at Harare Gardens…The show was ok and people were happy until when Andy Brown performed. Paakontanga kuimba zveZANU chete akatukwa zvese nekutemwa nevanhu (When he started singing about Zanu (PF) people started shouting at him and throwing missiles to him). Potato had to help him out immediately by changing what he was singing by jumping on stage and started singing something else. I tell you since that day his music career plunged. He was affected big time and now here I am hoping that the same dont happen to Sanii just because he met with the devil.

Tawanda Wagoneka condemned the singer writing: Sani you are doomed, can’t you learn from other musicians who tried to sympathise with Zanu. Where are they now?

Bhekie Mhlanga also wrote: You can only be glad of meeting the devil if you are evil, people are scattered all over because of that monster and there you are.

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