The daily Agenda 30 November 2010

bulawayo_agendaBulawayo - Business in Bulawayo CBD came to a standstill as Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) took to the streets in demonstration yesterday.

The placard wielding marchers were presenting an overview of responses of WOZA/MOZA members to the Constitutional Talking Points. The presentation of the paper was made at The Chronicle offices in the city centre. Jennie Williams said they made the presentation at the offices so that the papers independence can be measured. If there is freedom of press then The Chronicle will cover this story, explained Williams. There were no uniformed police in site to which Williams said they neither need police escort nor clearance as they are guided by the constitution that provides for Freedom of Association. The absence of police was a complete contradiction of a BPRA demonstration a month ago were there was heavy police presence that chased around demonstrators. The WOZA March coincided with the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day celebrated on 29 November.

Umzingwane- It is alleged that the Zimbabwe Republic Police is training polling officers and agents at Esikhoveni in Umzingwane District. The training is viewed as dubious as polling officers are not trained by ZRP but by the electoral commission. This training is despite the fact that there is still yet to be an official announcement that elections will be held anytime soon. It is alleged that participants are youths and some unemployed elderly persons around the constituency of Umzingwane. The training is allegedly ending today having commenced yesterday.

Bulawayo- Ibhetshu likazulu took to the streets of Bulawayo in demonstration against the importing of staff by TM Supermarkets from Gweru and Kwekwe to come and work at a new TM branch in Cowdry Park. The demonstrators marched from TM Hyper to TM 8th Avenue. The coordinator of the demonstration Mr. Fuzwayo said they are sick and tired of being sidelined in jobs that they can also do. He said that TM has to employ local people and if they do not do that then no one shall buy from that supermarket.

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