Zanu (PF) hijacks UN event

simon_khaya_moyo2HARARE - The United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine on Monday degenerated into a Zanu (PF) campaign platform here after organisers mysteriously invited Zanu (PF) chairman Simon Khaya Moyo (Pictured) instead of an official government representative to give

Several diplomats were seen leaving soon after Moyo launched the usual tirades against the West and Israel. At one point, Khaya Moyo urged Palestinians to embark on Zanu (PF)-style land invasions and plunder of businesses in Israeli settlements.

Proceedings started with the UN Resident Representative in Zimbabwe, Alain Noudehou reading Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s official speech, which is read worldwide on such events.

This was followed by Palestinian ambassador Hashem Dajani’s speech.

To the surprise of many, the slot normally reserved for an official from the host government was given to Khaya Moyo, who attacked, first the UN, claiming it was not doing enough to resolve the Palestinian question. He said the people of Palestine should ignore current diplomatic efforts and invade Israeli settlements.

“We in Zimbabwe have nothing to apologize for in taking back what belongs to us. We’ve already done that. we will continue to be our own economic liberators,” Khaya Moyo said.

Several diplomats were seen leaving beofre the event was over. omment was awaited from the UN on who had invted Khaya Moyo instead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as is the normal procedure. “This is supposed to be a day of solidarity with Palestine but it seems we have been set up to be insulted by Zanu (PF) over spurrious allegations. This is very undiplomatic,” one Western official told The Zimbabwean.

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