Zanu (PF) landlord evicts MDC tenant from house

MARONDERA - Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) -T district social welfare officer, Hebert Sawunyama, was given short notice to pack and vacate from the house of his Zanu (PF) landlord, Tendai Makoni for his unwavering support for Morgan Tsvangirai.

This is the fourth time Sawunyama has been evicted from Zanu (PF) landlords properties on political grounds since 2000.

Sawunyama is accused by Zanu (PF) of championing MDC populist projects such as donation of wheelchairs to the physically handicapped and distributing goodies to the needy across the political divide, said a source.

Recently, MDC-T through Sawunyamas office, donated a wheelchair to a non MDC family in Dombotombo suburb. Three other disabled residents are expected to receive wheelchairs from MDC soon.

MDC-T Member of Parliament for Marondera Central, Ian Kay, also donated farm inputs and groceries to residents irrespective of political affiliation. Zanu (PF) blamed Sawunyama for Mugabes fall in the constituency through his (Sawunyamas) fronting for Kays support garnering projects, said a neighbour.

Provision by Sawunyama of family chairs for use at an MDC-T rally held at Juma Shopping Center on September 26, was the last straw, which triggered the eviction from his current lodgings in Rujeko.

Sawunyama confirmed the politically motivated eviction order and indicated that it had become part of his life since 2000.

Four different Zanu (PF) landlords evicted my family from their properties because of my affiliation to MDC, since the beginning of this decade. My shifting from 39 Chihuta Street in 2006, Ferenando familys 52 Chipungu Road and Pasipariza familys 39 Chihuta Street houses was politically motivated, he said.

I am paying for MDC community assistance projects and transparent party politics. Infact, when elections are at the horizon Zanu (PF) landlords make life difficult for tenant MDC supporters through short notice evictions. This will not break my spirit as Zanu (PF)s days are numbered.

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