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mdc_demoI would like to commend all the MDC supporters and their leaders. Before God, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Remember in the Bible Goliath was a big man with everything and everyone was relying on him but he was defeated by David in the name of the Lord. With God everything is possible. May God richly bless you. MZ GRU

There is no greater power than the power of goodbye, sings Madonna in a love song that can apply to our politics. Our political leaders must simply embrace that and let go of their stranglehold on power and they will see how much power they will have. Anonymous, Harare

Residents of Harare, let us reject this 40 per cent hike on water bills. This is insane. Such a huge increase to fatten the pockets of council workers to give us such shoddy service. No No No! Harare. Anonymous, Harare

There is a lot of confusion over whether elections will be held or not and please let us know the real thing because some are saying there are no elections and others are sharpening their axes and reconditioning their knobkerries. PT, Marondera

I do not think SADC is a toothless bulldog in dealing with the Zimbabwe issue. Rather, I think the regional body is misinformed and it takes serious work to make them see the real bad things that are happening here. The MDC and civic society organisations should stop rubbishing the body but they must work hard to provide evidence of misrule. Hwanda, Gweru.

Tongayi Moyos new album is a real gem. Thank you Dhewa for providing entertainment for us this Christmas holiday. Pretenders aside and let us enjoy the real music. Ndiro Yababa, Kwekwe

Thank you for a great paper, I like last Sundays story about Grace Mugabes dirty diamond deals and her links with the Chinese mafia. Maaonaka Machinese enyu they are not honest people. Patriot, Harare

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