Moment of truth for Didymus Mutasa

didymus_mutasaMUTARE - Is the Political Empire that Dydmas Mutasa (pictured) built over the years going to crumble? This is the major question that the majority of Zanu (PF) supporters in Manicaland are saying, as the fading party is going to hold its 11th national congress in Mutare from 15 -18 December.

Mutasa would be under scrutiny as his political episodes and mediocrity has been fingered as the major reason for Zanu (PF)s political failure in Manicaland.

Will these be his political wasted years if he is fired from the party or if he is demoted to an insignificant portfolio?

The Zanu (PF) provincial leadership has accused Mutasa of imposing candidates during the elections, a move that sources said was a gross political mistake that has seen the candidates losing to MDC.

Zanu (PF) holds primary elections to find a candidate, but Mutasa using his political muscle and closeness to President Robert Mugabe has dispensed with official procedures by individually imposing unpopular candidates – resulting in the party losing to the MDC-T.

Zanu (PF) top provincial leadership and traditional leaders have said Mutasa was orchestrating problems rocking Zanu (PF) in Manicaland.

We have lost the past polls and our dominance in Manicaland has been eroded owing to costly partisan decisions by powerful politicians to bar popular and qualified candidates from contesting on the party ticket, said Mike Madiro the Zanu (PF) Manicaland chairman.

Headman Chingosho from Chief Chipunzas area in Makoni district said: He (Mutasa) has a tendency of misleading the people to believe that his actions have the blessings of President Mugabe. We are all aware that Zanu (PF) was a strong party in Manicaland, but look at what is happening now, it is MDC all over. This must stop now.

The chiefs said Mugabe should look into this issue and a solution should be found at the congress. Army General, Douglas Nyikayaramba, who is masterminding Zanu (PF) campaigns by deploying armed soldiers to intimidate MDC supporters in the province said: Everyone should be accorded the chance to say the truth of the prevailing situation on the ground so that a lasting solution could be found.

In his defence, Mutasa said some over-ambitious politicians were bent on tarnishing his image.

“I assisted some of the people to be where they are today in politics, but they now want me to be ousted from the party. It is a pity that those people I helped as small boys are out to get me by peddling all sorts of allegations against me,” he said.

“Let me be clear to you today that I am not part of it and I am opposed to the imposition of anyone for any position. A candidate should meet the selection guidelines. You are free to contest for any position anywhere. It doesn’t matter that you are youth, if you feel I have been messing and you can bring positive change, I want you to feel free to challenge me or anyone.

Mutasa rebuked the Makoni District Co-ordination Committee, headed by war veteran Albert Nyakuedzwa, for handpicking and imposing candidates to represent the party in both the House of Assembly and Senatorial seats for the 2008 elections.

“At the end of the day all the blame, even for those things that I have not been part of, are heaped on me. The truth is that I may not even be part of such plans. I have advised them to stop, but they went behind my back and allotted all the seats to candidates of their choice, without giving people the chance to input. At the end of the day all accusing fingers will be pointed at me,” said Mutasa.

Zanu (PF) is continuously losing its grip in Manicaland. In the March 2008 harmonized elctions, the MDC-T garnered 26 seats out of the 31 contested House of Assembly and Senatorial seats, defeating six cabinet ministers in the process.

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