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aaron_muzunguHARARE - Threats by Mugabe and his military generals that Zanu (PF) would continue ruling the country even if it loses to the MDC in the next elections, were mere dreams as there are mechanisms in place to kick out of office the former ruling party if defeated, said MDC99 National Spokesperson, Aaron Muzungu.

If Mugabe and Zanu (PF) lose 2011 elections as expected, especially to MDC99, we will put in place mechanisms to kick the losers out of office at earliest convenience. With MDC99 in the political picture, Mugabe and his generals would live to regret it if they ever attempt to unjustifiably hold on to power, warned Muzungu. He said Mugabe was no longer of any relevance to politics of Zimbabwe.

He was just a drop in the countrys political waters and that was the reason why MDC99 never addressed him as President. Muzungu described the GPA as the wrong option for the Zimbabwean political crises. There was no way the inclusive government could have worked with treacherous partners like Mugabe. He continued to disregard his end of the bargain as agreed in the GPA. In fact, Tsvangirai should have refused to join the inclusive government since Mugabe was politically destroyed and about to flee the country. This time around there will not be another life-line for Mugabe and his generals.

He also described South Africa President Jacob Zuma, as an under-achieving mediator whose way of dealing with the Zimbabwean situation was worse than the diplomatic approach employed by Thabo Mbeki.

Muzungu ruled out any possibility of his party merging with other democratic movements to defeat Mugabe in the next elections. He said it was not possible for MDC99 to merge with either MDC-T, Mutambara, ZAPU or Mavambo since the political parties had different strategies of dealing with Mugabe.

While some of our colleagues in the trenches believed Mugabe could reform and be part of a new Zimbabwe, MDC99 regards the Zanu (PF) life president as a product far beyond its sell-by date. He is the root cause of all problems besetting the country and should be discarded from Zimbabwe politics once and for all. Every Zimbabwean has a national obligation to help remove Mugabe and Zanu (PF) from power through free and fair elections, Muzungu added.

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