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MAINE, USAThe young Zimbabwean author Tawanda Chabikwa recently released his first novel at College of the Atlantic in Maine. Chabikwa is a graduate of the college where he began writing, Baobabs in Heaven. He recently earned his MFA from Southern Methodist University in Texas.

baobobs_in_heavenThe novel reflects the experiences of the author, who was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and also spent time in the traditional village with his extended family. According to Bill Carpenter, COA faculty member in literature and creative writing, and author of The Wooden Nickel, “Baobabs is an eloquent debut novel by a young Zimbabwean author writing from the heart of the contemporary African experience.

The book, continues Carpenter, is set at the crossroads of city and village life, modern and mythic history. It is urbane and humorous, thoughtful and sensual, violent and nostalgic. Most of us view Zimbabwe through a glass darkly; but now, through the directness, urgency, and immediacy of Tawanda Chabikwa’s fiction, we can see this agonized country face to face.”

Style carries right from the main character beautifully written, powerfully conceived


Says Chabikwa, This novel is a way of me trying to understand myself better, trying to understand my past, my countrys present, and also my global experience.

BC: It uses the language in a way that is both unsophisticated and very, very sophisticated. Like the character, it has both an urban and a village component.

Read this novel and youre taken right to Zimbabwe.

For an insight into Africa today, dont miss this exceptional novel, sharply observed

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