No electricity nor water at Christmas

xmas_lightsCHITUNGWIZA - Traditionally Christmas is a period of merry and partying. Its that time of the year when people forget about the troubles that characterised the ending year. However, for many people in Harare the day was no different to other days as there was neither water no electricity on the day that comes but once in a year.

Residents of Chitungwiza who have been experiencing water woes and electricity blackouts were shocked when ZESA the power utility denied them the chance to dance to music and the council prevented them from bathing since the tapes where dry.

While no official comment could be given by the two service providers who are also enjoying the festive season residents of the sprawling town expressed shock and dismay and urged the service providers to take them seriously.

We have paid for electricity and water yet we spend Christmas without water. As for power it was erratic and I even failed to bake because of the outages. We hope that next time they will take us seriously, said Nomsa Bande.

Culture dynamic as ever has not spared the residents of the town that is third to Harare and Bulawayo in terms of population. In the past residents used to go to their rural homes and spend the Christmas with relatives and friends but that is no longer the case.

Lack of money to travel to the countryside has seen the rural areas coming back to the urban centres that do not have tape water nor electricity.

Imagine I had to cook using firewood and for water I had to go to draw from a well. There is no difference between my rural home and the town where I am made to pay for water that is not evn available, said Tendai Chikanya from the same time.

What is shocking to many people is that most industries in the country are closed and yet power supply remains erratic.

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