Notorious Zanu (PF) official ducks JOMIC team

MUREWA - A Zanu (PF) senior official identified only as Kashesha, based at Duku Business Centre here, was reportedly playing cat and mouse with JOMIC members keen to investigate allegations that he constantly threatened suspected MDC supporters with death, at Kushesha village.

Kashesha was Chief Election Manager for Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament Murewa North, David Parirenyatwa, in the past elections. Last week we visited Murewa in a bid to interview Kashesha on serious accusations levelled against him, but he suspiciously decided to go underground. We were told he later resurfaced at the Business Centre soon after we left for Harare. If the accusations were baseless, why would he take trouble of going underground? We are told besides intimidating MDC followers he also cowed Zanu (PF) supporters into not nominating other party candidates willing to contest in party primary elections against Parirenyatwa, said a JOMIC official who said was not authorised to speak to the media.

At public functions, Kashesha reportedly pretended to be Parirenyatwas good errand boy. In the absence of Parirenyatwa, he would go on the rampage threatening villagers who did not support Zanu (PF).

The electorate in the constituency has expressed disappointment at Parirenyatwas truancy in the area with the parliament granted $38 million constituency development fund.

Ever since Members of Parliament were allocated the funds, Parirenyatwa, who rarely visited the constituenc,y has never set foot here. Parliamentarians terms of office were nearing the end, with Parirenyatwa nowhere to be seen. Everybody was left in the darkness and only guesing what the Member of Parliament was doing with the purse. Parirenyatwa has never initiated any developmental project here. People suspected the legislator had no interests in the constituency since he comes from another constituency, Rusape, said a visibly disturbed vendor at Murewa Centre.

Meanwhile, as Zanu (PF) stepped up its terror campaign to instil fear in the electorate here, War Veteran, Mhuteyebani and former CIO agent, Kahuni, continued harassing suspected MDC supporters. All family members including children were being forced to buy Zanu (PF) membership cards at gun point.

Kahuni was accused of shooting at MDC youths at Murewa Business Centre June 2008. The victims sustained serious injuries in the head. Despite a police report being made, law enforcement agents never lifted a finger to make investigations. Kahuni continued roaming streets scot-free and was back to his acts of banditry right in front of police officers. Despite retiring from CIO, he remained dangerously armed.

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