Police act on forced Zanu (PF) card sales

zanu_pfCHIMANIMANI - Police dispersed Zanu (PF) officials forcing people to buy party cards at Biriri Growth Point here recently. Zanu (PF) Headman Saurombe, forced villagers to attend and buy Mugabes party cards at a local growth point two weeks ago.

One of the villagers among the gathering contacted local MDC-T Member of Parliament, Winnet Karenyi, through mobile phone advising her about the occasion. The legislator swiftly raised alarm to the police. For the first time possibly after formation of MDC in 1999, law enforcement agents reacted positively and dispersed the gathering after describing forced buying of party cards as illegal, said an eye witness.

People around the country were being threatened into buying Zanu (PF) membership cards at $2 each. The cards were being used among other things as passports for freedom against Zanu (PF) led violence in the locality and gave holders access to free food handouts. Farm inputs were also selectively availed to Zanu (PF) card holders. Cash raised from card sells would also help fund campaign programs of the bankrupt Zanu (PF).

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