Seventy three dollar exit pension for council workers

MARONDERA - Workers dismissed by the Marondera Rural District Council here, following a controversial labour dispute were recently awarded $73 exit packages after more than twenty five years service.

Some workers dismissed by council early at the turn of this decade after a job action over salary disputes, passed on before receiving the paltry packages. Those who lived to see the finalization of the case, have refused to accept such a mockery of package. How can an employer i served diligently for more than two decades award me such peanuts. Council took advantage of our inability to engage competent legal practitioners in the dispute, hence this slap in the face, said a former worker affected by the dismissal.

A managerial staff member who declined to be identified revealed that council summoned support of the Ministry of Labour to prejudice dismissed workers. He also said a few former workers collected the little exit package under protest.

Council did not treat its loyal former workers fairly. When disgruntled workers downed tools early 2000 in protest over poor wages, council resorted to iron fist tactics to deal with the issue. Riot police was hired to evict helpless and non violent protesting workers out of council living quarters. Most workers spent weeks in the open with children and women. This was inhuman especially being perpetrated by a fellow black management staff. To add salt to the wound council pegged exit packages this low, another management officer said.

Chief Executive Officer for the Rural District Council, Tendai Gundo, could not be reached for comment but a clerk at his offices claimed the package was commensurate with circumstances leading the dismissals. He said fired workers would also benefit from monthly payments from their pension schemes. He could not disclose the exact figure but estimated it to be not more than $25 per month.

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