Soldiers man roadblocks

soldiersHARARE - The dreaded military police brandishing AK47 rifles have been roped into manning roadblocks alongside the Zimbabwe Republic Police force across the country raising fears among travellers who are often subjected to body searches.

The presence of the army on the roads has raised concern among travellers as many do not see the need for the army to be involved in civilian daily life especially this festive season when many people are travelling for holidays.

Along roads in the country there are at least two military police officers at the endless road blocks.

A passage travelling from Harare said that there is no need for the army to be at road blocks as that often causes unnecessary concern among passengers.

I do not even see the need to have the army on our roads. Policemen are better as that is there duty to man roadblocks, said the passenger.

Over the past years President Robert Mugabe has been gradually militarising the country by placing soldiers who often have a dog-like-devotion to him in all facets of civilian life.

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