US slaps sanctions on Tomana for undermining democratic process

johannes_tomanaJohannes Tomana (pictured), the Attorney-General unilaterally appointed by Robert Mugabe two years ago, has been placed on the U.S sanctions list for undermining democratic processes in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe controversially named Tomana as the new AG in December 2008, without consulting Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, in clear violation of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

His appointment still remains as one of the unresolved issues in the GPA. Other issues not resolved are the swearing-in of Roy Bennett, the appointment of provincial governors and Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono

Tomanas inclusion on the sanctions list was announced in Washington on Tuesday by the US Department of the Treasurys Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

But a check by SW Radio Africa revealed that Tomana has not been added to the European Union list of sanctions at this stage.

It has emerged that most officials in the MDC thought the AG was already on both the sanctions lists. We always believed he was on both the U.S and EU sanctions list and we were alarmed to say the least when we discovered he was not. We got to know about it when we read it from various online publications, a top official in the MDC-T said.

Another legislator from the MDC-T said Tomana deserved to be on the list, describing him a devillish little man who is extremely cruel.

He went on to describe him as also lacking confidence, prone to blundering and as not the cleverest of legal minds.

But he saves ZANU PF well in ruthlessly abusing the law to thwart MDC activities, the Senator added.

Political analyst Munjodzi Mutandiri told us Tomana is a ZANU PF activist, masquerading as the states chief law officer, whose job is to frustrate and deny justice to anyone perceived to be in opposition to his party.

Mutandiri said he remembers too well when Tomana was appointed as AG and the Zimbabwe Youth Network called on the US and EU to include him on their sanctions lists.

The group made so much noise, but calls for him to be slapped with sanctions were drowned by concerted efforts from the MDC formations to have his appointment reversed by Mugabe.

The remaining issues on the GPA diverted the attention of a lot of people to a point where his case went under the radar of the Western countries, as far as targeted sanctions were concerned, Mutandiri added.

Last weekend the former ruling party was mulling over a law that will make it treasonous for a person to support sanctions against the country in any way.

During the ZANU PF conference in Mutare Mugabe had urged legislators from his party to look at the possibilities of coming up with legal mechanisms to punish citizens, parties and organisations that advocate or support sanctions on Zimbabwe.

It should be treasonous to do so; treasonous to call for sanctions on the people and anyone doing so is inviting punishment. We want to have laws to deal with this, Mugabe said.

Analysts have however pointed to the fact that the party doesnt have enough numbers in the House of Assembly to craft such a law.

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