Women learn self-defence

old_woman_votesMUTARE In a bid to reduce the prevalence of political harassment against women, the Shauline Tang So Temple, a martial arts group, has launched a self-defence course for women. (Pictured: An elderly women casts her vote in 2008. Women were targets of political violence a

Speaking to The Zimbabwean this week, the chairman of the group, Peter Matika, said that concerted efforts were being made to teach women the basics of self-defence. Women are an easy target when it comes to assaults and violence and it is sad to note that they are targeted because they are physically weak and cannot defend themselves.

We found out that in the last elections, women were harassed by perpetrators of violence. So we teach them to prove to criminals and other perpetrators of violence that not all women are easy prey, he said. He added that the teaching exercise would involve verbal, physical and psychological skills and strategies on how to prevent, resist and avoid dangerous situations like rape and all forms of sexual abuse against women.

Such an exercise is vital for women because it is an empowering programme that gives women the ability to make the right decisions when faced with critical situations, he said. Matika is a member of the International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools, Blackbelt International and is a renowned karate trainer at a National Level in Zimbabwe.

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