Zanu (PF) undermines JOMIC peace initiatives

MARONDERA - Zanu (PF) JOMIC representative for Marondera and losing councillor, Charity Govere, has gone underground as she avoided JOMIC meetings aimed at harmonizing relations between victimised MDC supporters and perpetrators of violence in Marondera East.

Govere, together with MDC-T JOMIC provincial representative, Boniface Tagwireyi, and MDC Mutambaras Kingdom Nyika were tasked to convene an emergency meeting on November 22 at the District Administrators office and conduct further fact finding missions in the troubled villages.

This would be a follow up to a recent visit to the area by top provincial inter-party Jomic officials November 19, after reports that MDC activists were under constant terror at the hands of Zanu (PF). Tagwireyi and Nyika reported at the district administrators offices Monday and Tuesday but the Zanu (PF) representative was nowhere to be seen. Woman CIO agent, Gumbo, expected at the meeting also did not show up.

The two truant officials have been playing hide and seek ever since. There was no way Govere and Gumbo could come for the fact-finding meeting given that their organisations were accused of encouraging the victimizations. This serves to confirm rumours that Zanu (PF) was behind the violence and had no capacity to champion the national healing process, said a top official at the DAs office.

The official said Zanu (PF) did not respect JOMIC and nothing positive would come out of the fact-finding missions.

Recently, the Red Cross forced JOMIC into action following findings that Zanu (PF) thugs had razed MDC activists houses razed to the ground and looted property and livestock.

The victimization was championed by Zanu (PF) councillor for ward 21, Mutizwa Huni and party official, Faith Ngoma.

Suspected MDC-T supporter, Phenius Gatare, had his bedroom earmarked to be cut into two as Zanu (PF) militia claimed the new homestead demarcation would split his homestead at the centre of the bedroom. The other half was allocated to a Zanu (PF) youth.

District Administrator, James Chiwaru, described the land seizures and harassment of MDC supporters as illegal acts of thuggery. JOMIC was expected to visit other trouble spots in Mutoko soon. Suspected MDC supporters were reportedly threatened by Zanu (PF) followers and state security agents. Some reportedly fled their homesteads and were living in forest.

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