$1m hotel bills for COPAC

Server hacked, documents lost
HARARE - The Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution, COPAC data server was hacked into on Monday, resulting in the loss and distortion of vital information that had been uploaded in the last two weeks.

The uploading exercise at a Harare hotel is reported to be in shambles following a discovery that some unknown agents, suspected to be members of the CIO, tampered with the server.

I suspect the server was hacked. The security system of the server was so weak that one could easily access the data with a cell phones Bluetooth, said a COPAC employee who refused to be named.

The discovery was made 24 hours before the team leaders assembled to verify the uploaded data.

Seventy technicians and 210 rapporteurs were involved in the outreach last year met on January 10 to upload data, but the system had technical hiccups from the first day.

A test run conducted on Monday revealed that views on thematic topics such as land, empowerment, natural resources and labour were missing.

COPAC then dismissed the 70 technicians who were uploading, before they had completed the authentic video and audio files of what transpired during the outreach exercise. They had already gobbled $154 000 in hotel bills and allowances – all paid by the UNDP.

Individual bills seen by The Zimbabwean indicated that UNDP pays $1500 dollars in hotel bills for each technician and $49 000 for daily allowances, calculated at $700 per person.

The hundreds of rapporteurs are only expected to check out tomorrow (Friday) together with an additional 210 team leaders costing an estimated $1million dollars in hotel bills and allowances.

Fears are that the costly constitution-making exercise will be aborted owing to growing mistrust between political parties.

There are fears that Zanu (PF) could have instigated the tampering, following a realisation that President Robert Mugabe had been misled into believing that the views gathered were in favour of his party.

Observers say he agreed to allow the process to be finalised before setting an election date, in the belief that it would be favourable. The abandonment of the exercise will suit Zanu (PF)s plans to create a chaotic situation in order to declare an early election.

Political turncoats Jonathan Moyo and Gabriel Chaibva have appeared on ZBC in support of Mugabes recent announcement that he has the powers to dissolve parliament and declare an election date, with or without a new constitution.

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