ANCs stance on Zanu criticised

jacob-zuma3JOHANNESBURG Refusal by President Jacob Zuma (Pictured) and his ruling ANC party to withdraw support from former liberation movements running autocratic governments in Africa is a violation of South Africas stated objective to promote democracy on the continent, the main opposition Democratic Alliance

Addressing supporters during celebrations to mark the ANCs 99th birthday more than a week ago, Zuma said his party would never abandon its freedom struggle allies such as President Robert Mugabes Zanu (PF) party, which is blamed of ruining Zimbabwes once brilliant economy, violating human rights and stealing elections to stay in power.

DA leader Helen Zille said Zuma and the ANCs unconditional backing of parties like Zanu (PF) regardless of how they were performing in government was contradictory to South Africas publicly stated policy to promote peace, democracy and good governance in Africa.

In other words, the ANC will continue to unconditionally support Zanu (PF) in Zimbabwe and other former liberation movements elsewhere. The ANC will ensure that SADC continues to protect former “freedom fighters” who have morphed into despots, Zille said.

We agree with the promotion of democracy, peace and stability in Africa. These are all noble intentions. The problem is that the ANC cannot achieve these goals because of its own inherent contradictions, she added.

DA is among the regions most vocal critics of Mugabes three-decade rule in Zimbabwe, while the opposition party has also clashed with the ANC on several occasions over the ruling partys refusal to criticise the Zimbabwean leaders controversial rule and blotted human rights record.

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