Burning of Passport processing centre in Harare, a clear Zanu PF sabotage

mdc_symbolWe are at a loss of words to hear that the heavily guarded, passport process centre in Harare's military KG6 went up in smoke yesterday. And as such the processing of passports was put on hold.

How convinient this development is to Zanu PF? Who is behind the burning of the government plant? The honest answer is: Zanu PF. We are not just engaging in cheap finger pointing or mere grandstanding, but we are talking about something that Zanu PF has a history of doing.

We initially warned this week that the actions of Zimbabwe government officials, both in Harare and Johannesburg were tantamount to sabotaging the on going documentation process in South Africa. While the South African government is doing everything in its powers to assist applicants, the Zimbabwe government, literally throwing spanners in the works.

Who doesn’t know Zanu PF’s tricks. This is clearly a Zanu PF operation designed to deny Zimbabweans staying in South Africa access to passports that would allow them to travel freely and vote Robert Mugabe out of office.

Zanu PF is scared of the three million disapora votes of Zimbabweans staying in South Africa. These votes alone are enough to send Mugabe packing for the second time.This is a fact. No sane Zimbabwean staying in South Africa who is not related to Zanu PF functionaries will vote for Zanu PF. Zanu PF knows this.

Zanu PF can do anything to remain in power. If they can razor down homes of 18% of the Zimbabwe population so as to diffuse the urban votes, what will stop them from jamming their own passport processing plant. If they turned down an offer from South Africa of a printing press that would have allowed them to process a 100 000 passports a day, what will stop them from completely shutting down the small scale operation which they have.

We just hope that the South africa government will continue to devise or explore means of accommodating Zimbabweans without waiting for any documentation from across Limpopo. We are certain that it is possible for the SA government to come up with a form of document that Zimbabweans can use.

MDC SA Spokesman

Sibanengi Dube


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