High Court in landmark judgement against Jakazi

justiceRule of law returns, say Anglicans
MUTARE - The High Court has stopped former Anglican Bishop Elson Jakazi from selling diocesan property in Mutare.

Justice Chinembiri Bhunu, in a circuit court session, issued an interdict stopping Jakazi from selling church property. The new Bishop of Manicaland, Dr. Julius Makoni, had asked Judge Bhunu to issue a restraining order, forbidding Bishop Jakazi from selling diocesan property. The breakaway bishop, a key ally of rebel bishop Nolbert Kunonga, had advertised an auction of diocesan property at St. Johns Cathedral in Mutare, last week.

On May 21, Jakazi lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court asking it overturn the ruling of Judge Chinembiri Bhunu that he had forfeited his rights to control diocesan property when he quit the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA).

Jakazi on Sept 23, 2007 announced he was pulling his diocese out of the CPCA to join Kunongas Anglican Church of Zimbabwe.

Unlike Kunonga, Jakazi tendered his resignation as Bishop of Manicaland when he quit the CPCA. When the CPCA took Jakazi to court to regain control of the property, Judge Bhunu said the decision to resign ended Jakazis control over diocesan property. In Harare, Kunonga did not resign when he quit the CPCA and has maintained that he is the sole and rightful bishop of Harare.

Following the May court ruling, Jakazi was permitted to remain in possession of the property pending a review of the decision by the supreme court and following the posting of a bond.

Makoni said: We won the case. Jakazi was instructed to stop selling church assets.

Both Jakazi and Kunonga, are fervent supporters of President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu (PF), and the courts rebuke of the bishop has been welcomed by the Anglican community as demonstration of the return of the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

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