Macheso scores big with Tafadzwa

macheso_alickHARARE After being heavily criticised and even ridiculed for the better part of last year over his alleged affair with businesswoman Tafadzwa Mapako, sungura music king Alec Macheso has answered back in the only language he knows best another hit song dedicated to the woman of his love.

The song Tafadzwa Nyarara on Machesos latest album Zvinoda Kutendwa became an instant hit, silencing critics who had been too quick to predict the downfall of as they imagined a once great musician brought down by his own folly and philandering ways.

You will hear the song being played in bars, nightclubs, public buses or private cars and at weddings and other social gatherings it has become virtually like a second national anthem.

Asked to comment about the instant success of the song and album, a visibly emotional Macheso would only say: I am very overwhelmed by the lovely support this song and the whole album has received. I am speechless about the positive response from my fans all over.

In the song, Macheso encourages Tafadzwa not to lose hope in all what she does and to trust in the Lord, the giver of all blessings. It is both a song of encouragement to his new love as well as a prayer to God to bless Tafadzwa and grant her wishes and dreams.

The rich lyrics are complemented by exquisite guitar work, led by Mascheso himself on bass. Noel Nyazanda, one of the countrys most gifted lead guitarists comes in with deft touches of the guitar that blends in well with the Machesos throbbing bass. Zacharia Zacharia and Lucky Mumiriki handle the rhythm guitars on the song that is a must have not only for Sungura music lovers but also for all genuine music fans.

Macheso is currently on a countrywide tour to promote his new release. He has been playing the song Tafadzwa three times as it is receiving lots of requests. In all our performances the song has shook the audiences and it speaks volumes that it is a very good song, said Jonasi Kasamba a senior member of The Orchestra Mberikwazo.

Zvinoda Kutendwa is a six-track album. Four of the tracks had to be redone after fraudsters and music pirates got hold of the songs last year and prematurely released them on the black market for pirated music.

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