Mashaba Housing warns Gweru employees to support ZANU PF

Workers at the Mashaba Housing Project (MHP) in Gweru have reportedly been warned that they will lose their jobs if they do not support ZANU PF.

According to the Bulawayo Agenda civic group, employees at MHP were told by management that the company is for ZANU PF supporters only. And anyone with alternative views will have to seek employment elsewhere. A statement released on Thursday by Bulawayo Agenda said: This situation clearly shows that the ZANU PF empowerment policy will bring more harm than good especially to people who do not support the revolutionary party. It has been made clear that the policy is political.

The group was referring to the Indigenisation Act that was initiated by ZANU PF, which requires all foreign owned companies to give up 51% of their shares to locals or risk a government takeover.

The policy was criticised by observers as looting and a strategy by ZANU PF to take over the business sector and enrich party chefs and their close allies. Many people have raised questions on the policy saying it is a political gimmick meant to lure votes to the struggling former ruling party which was knocked off the pedestal in 2008, said Bulawayo Agenda.

Reports of political blackmail and intimidation by ZANU PF have intensified around the country, especially regarding the distribution of farm inputs and equipment.

A report from the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum this week said one of their Board Members was denied access to a donation of fertilizer distributed on behalf of Robert Mugabe in the Mvuma area. She was apparently told that her association with ZimRights meant that she was ‘not patriotic’ and thus undeserving, said the report.

Villagers made poor by ZANU PFs chaotic farm seizures are now being forced to buy the partys membership cards and attend rallies, in order to receive basic supplies that all Zimbabweans are entitled to.

Political commentator Lameck Mahachi said politics has no business in private firms and ZANU PF wants to be involved in everything. Everything is being Zanu-nized. And foreign companies will be too concerned to invest in Zimbabwe said Mahachi.

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