MDC Press Statement on the state of the party, the Congress, the organizational thrust and direction for the year 2011

The MDC National Executive met today and discussed a report on Congress preparation and progress, national issues of concern to the people of Zimbabwe, in particular the fuel crisis and the plight of the civil servants and the state of the party.

The party noted the report from the President and the Secretary-General on the state of the party, the Congress, the organizational thrust and direction for the year 2011.

The President highlighted that the year 2011 is a turning point and a year of elevation, not only because it is the last mile in our journey to a new Zimbabwe and real change. He said our Congress in May will confirm that democracy is our totem, our culture and the very fabric of our existence. Further, he emphasized that we must demonstrate that we are worthy of the support the people continue to bestow upon the peoples party of excellence, the MDC.

This Congress will prove that we are the real solution to this temporary government. The President said indeed, our Congress will confirm that we are true democrats; that the democracy we crave for is at the core of our values and that it defines us as the MDC. The Congress will showcase the MDC character-the character of peace, vibrancy, transparency, solidarity, accountability and unity. The Congress will demonstrate that we are a united family of true democrats and that anyone is free to contest for any position.

We are a party that does its business without intimidation, coercion, violence or bribery. Corruption and other vices are alien to the MDC character. Our Congress will consolidate our gains and challenges of the past five years and send a clear message that we remain the true repository of the hopes and aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe. The MDC is the only game in town for real change for the people of Zimbabwe.

The Secretary-General presented a report on preparatory Committees, processes and timelines of the Congress. Further, the Secretary-General presented a special code of conduct that will guide MDC members in voting and being voted for during the period of our glorious internal democratic process. More importantly, the national executive deliberated extensively on the GPA and the inclusive government, the fears of floods, the fuel crisis, power shortages and the welfare of the civil servants.

The welfare of the civil servants

The National Executive expressed its sympathy and solidarity with civil servants in particular and workers in general over their conditions of service. At the core of our being as the MDC is the fabric of the right to strike and demand a decent living wage. In this regard, the plight of civil servants is a matter of national emergency. However, the Executive noted the destructive role being played by the Zanu PF side of the inclusive government in the quest to redress the concerns of the civil servants.

The Executive further noted the lack of accountability in the management of the proceeds from the sale of diamonds in Chiadzwa to address the plight of the civil servants. The Executive called for all the proceeds from the sale of diamonds to be channelled towards the civil servants and not to line private pockets as is currently the case. The Executive also called for the immediate action on all ghost workers, Zanu PF functionaries smuggled into civil service as youth and women officers in every ward in the country. Further, the Executive called for the release of the Public Service audit without delay as well the immediate cessation of all new recruitments of soldiers and other civil servants until the plight of the existing civil service is addressed.

Fuel and power shortages

The National Executive noted that three decades of Zanu PF corruption and mismanagement of the economy was at the centre of the current challenges of fuel and power. The Executive called on the inclusive government to immediately find permanent and sustainable solutions to the aforesaid challenges to mitigate the plight of Zimbabweans.


The Executive noted the danger posed by the possibility of floods in some parts of the country and called on actors in government to put in place mechanisms and plans to keep people out of danger in all the areas likely to be affected.

Committing our country and our party to God

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