Ncube wields axe on rebel rapporteurs from COPAC exercise

welshman_ncubeThe newly elected national executive of the MDC-M led by Welshman Ncube (Pictured) has recalled four rebel party rapporteurs from the team drafting the countrys new constitution.

The four rapporteurs are from Harare, Masvingo, Manicaland and Mashonaland East. They are part of a group that boycotted the party congress held over the weekend in the capital. All of them were appointed to the constitution drafting team during Arthur Mutambaras reign as party president.

The party now wants them removed from the constitution drafting exercise and replaced by pro-Ncube members. Our correspondent Simon Muchemwa told us co-chairpersons of COPAC received communication from the MDC informing them of their decision to recall the 4 rapporteurs.

The group belongs to a faction that is pro-Mutambara and very critical of Ncube and the way he outmanoeuvred the former president from the hot seat. The Ncube group now view the rapporteurs as enemies and claim they are no longer members of their party, Muchemwa said. Over 210 rapporteurs and 70 technicians are currently in Harare working on the uploading of information gathered during the constitutional outreach process. All, including the four have signed contracts and have already been paid some money by COPAC.

Edwin Mushoriwa, the party spokesman told SW Radio Africa the issue of contracts and money was of no concern to them as they were prepared to let them go with the pay they have received. He said the party was prepared to pay those that are going to replace them from party coffers, including their hotel accommodation and upkeep.

In the first place we notified COPAC of our intention to recall them but we were surprised when they were clandestinely made to sign contracts. These people are busy holding press conferences and denigrating the position of the president and image of the party.

We therefore dont have confidence in them to represent us. Whose views are they going to represent when they are against the new executive. We are recalling them primarily because of their conduct which is detrimental to the party, Mushoriwa said.

The spokesman said theyve been made aware of ZANU PFs chicanery to allegedly use the four to inflame despondency in the MDC. He said Robert Mugabes party was running them and were now of no use to their party.

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