Nesto to release new album in March

HARARE - Versatile musician Ernest Menandi better known as "Nesto' in music circles says he is releasing a new "impressive" album and CD in March.

Nesto said in an interview that the album would be much better than his famous “MaChocolate” which took Zimbabwe by storm last year. “MaChocolate” had an immaculate video to accompany it and it won several major awards on the local music circuit.

“In 2011 things are going to be fine and I am going to release my new album in March,” Nesto said. “I expect a lot of growth this year and will try to polish up my dance routines with my band members as soon as we begin recording our new album.”

The star musician said ever since the government dumped the Zimbabwe dollar in 2009 things had improved dramatically for him and his band crew. “The lead single of my new album will be Copacabana”,” he said. “This will be a year of huge growth for me and I expect it to ‘fire’ while I prepare for the new season.” Nesto said he had teamed up another top musician, Alexio Kawara, who had taught him many new styles due to his versatility on the dance floor.

“Alexio has taught me a lot of things,” Nesto said. “I have also traveled to many countries where I learnt a lot of other styles for the group. I got to meet with other different musicians on the trips that I took when I was out of the country learning my new styles,” he added.

The star currently hosts the popular “Ladies Night” at The Balcony Restaurant and Night Club in Harare. This is among the most popular events at night during the week in the city – Harare – that refuses to sleep, according to Nesto. “Wednesday nights will never be the same again because I plan to do things differently this year,” Nesto said. “The Ladies Night is now very popular and I will try to make it even more popular during the year as things get hotter.”

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