Teach sensible sexuality by example

children_play2Our children learn more about life, including sensible sexuality, from us their parents, than from anyone else. It is therefore imperative that as father and mother of our children, we should love each other deeply. We should also be able to demonstrate our love for each other in a clean but easily detectable manner as often as possible. Children are very good

You cannot fool them easily; they can see right through you. Children are watching and learning from their parents long before they have the maturity to interpret what they see and hear. The greatest security in childhood comes from growing up in an atmosphere of love. Children want their mother and father to love each other. We teach more about relationships between men and women by how we live together in front of our children than by anything we might say.

A husband teaches about respect for women by how he loves his wife, and a woman teaches about esteem and respect for men by how she speaks to her husband. Parents can set a lasting example by how they speak about each other to their children. When parents love, respect t and delight in one another it speaks volumes about happy relationships between the sexes and the excellence of marriage.

We must not forget that children are always looking for role models and they find them, for good or bad, in us their parents. Secure young people are much more likely to resist pressure to become sexually involved prematurely. The greatest gift you can give to your children, parents, is your love for each other. Your children desperately want you to be happy together. The deepest values in life are caught rather than taught.

What we are shouts louder than what we say. If there is an absence of love and intimacy in your home, your children may go looking for it elsewhere. Unfortunately not every home is a happy one. Many children go through the traumas of separation or divorce, and end up growing up in single-parent families.

They may have to live with an angry and hurting parent who has lost all respect for their partner. Such parents must be aware that their words and actions will affect their childrens attitude to relationships in later life.

No matter how deep the pain, a wise parent will make every effort to speak positively about the absent spouse, and will try to encourage a healthy attitude to the opposite sex for the sake of the children. A parent who speaks negatively or disparagingly about their partner or former spouse runs the risk of damaging their children. Indeed, the children that get to be so damaged may end up with their own relationships in ruins as well in later life.

We are our own childrens role models and so we have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that the model of a marriage our children acquire is a viable one. That is one that will provide them with joy and happiness. This is not to say that every childs marriage is necessarily a duplicate of their parents. Some children may get exposed to other models of relationships that they may be fortunate enough to acquire. These may be those of neighbours or their teachers or mentors or pastors.

Other children may deliberately reject their parents model once they perceive the pitfalls that attend to such models. The point we are making in this discussion is that by having good relationships ourselves, we place our children in very good standing in terms of their own sexuality and relationships. We need to live exemplary lives.

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