Violence and intimidation against MDC supporters

mdc_logoViolence and intimidation cases against MDC supporters by Zanu PF and some police officers continue to be reported throughout the country amidst fear that Zanu PF could be out for retribution following their 2008 election defeat and to silence the masses ahead of expected elections this year.

Vendors in Mbare today were shocked after one of the vendors, Canaan Jakobo, with the assistance of about fifty Zanu PF rowdy youths descended on their market stalls and evicted them.

Eyewitnesses said Jakobo claims the fenced area near the Mbare Musika bus termini is his and should not be occupied by anyone else. A report was made to Mbare police but no action was taken as the police said the matter was political for them to get involved. This comes a few days after the MDC Tynwald South Ward 45 Treasurer, Alex Sanyika was assaulted all over his body with wooden sticks and iron bars by a gang of Zanu PF youths at Mbare Musika for putting on a T-shirt written People Driven Constitution, Tisu vanhu vacho. The Zanu PF youths allegedly said they did not want to see such T-shirts in Mbare.

In Bulawayo, Tsepiso Mpofu, the MDC Youth Assembly provincial member, was taken in for questioning by the police from the Law and Order section on allegations of beating up a Zanu PF youth. She was expected to appear before in court at the Bulawayo Tregold today but the case failed kick off as the Zanu PF youth she is alleged to have assault did not show up in court.

Meanwhile, Etina Gwezuva, an MDC activist who was left homeless after her husband Stephen Gwezuva was murdered in June 2008 in Zhombe, Midlands North province, yesterday received a donation of roofing materials, paint and cement from Zhombe MP, Hon. Rodgers Tazviona.

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