War vets refuse to vacate farm

war_vets_freeHARARE Defiant war veterans from Dzivararsekwa Extension in Harare have vowed never to vacate a farm from which they were evicted last year after it was sold to a Chinese brick-making company, Tyger Bricks.

The companys director, a Mr Tian, confirmed the reports, but could not be drawn into further comments as he said he was busy in meetings.

Yes, I can confirm that some alleged war veterans and defiant community members from Dzivararsekwa Extension have vowed to continue with their illegal agricultural activities at our farm despite the fact that our company purchased the land from government, Tian said.

Scores of war veterans who spoke to this reporter stressed that they were not going to leave the farm as it was it was rightfully theirs to supplement their food.

Most of us are not employed and the prices of basic foodstuffs in shops are beyond our reach. Farming on this farm is actually helping us supplement our food, said Tafireyi Zigono, a self-styled war veteran.

A visit to Tyger Bricks in Dzivarasekwa Extension by this reporter saw multiple maize fields that had reached tassling stage, with scores of people busy – some cultivating and others just milling about in their fields.

Tian could not be drawn into indicating what his company was doing about the continued defiant presence of urban farmers at his land.

However, a staff at Tyger Bricks who asked not to be named for fear of victimization, said the issue had been raised with President Robert Mugabes office.

The presence of war veterans who continue to farm at our premises has been taken to

Mugabes office and who knows, maybe the President will engage yet another operation to clear the war vets from our land or even slash down their maize plants, he said.

Meanwhile, the war veterans who spoke to this reporter have indicated that they were not going to be moved by any threats even from the Presidents office.

We remain firm an resolute, this is our land, we fought for it and these Chinese were not here when our fellow comrades lost their lives in the struggle to regain our land from Britain, said an irate war veteran who gave his name as Gonakudiwa Zimbambo.

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