Zanu PF can’t affod the luxury of turning down an offer of a passport printing press

passport_zimbabweWe are shell-shocked to receive news that the Zimbabwe government turned down an offer from the South Africa government of a printing press with a capacity of printing 100 000 passports.

The leadership of MDC in South Africa whose constituent members would have benefited from the facility is still to come to terms with such high level of madness. We never believed when we were initially alerted to this new development on Wednesday. The Zimbabwe government is currently able to process 500 passports a day and is lagging behind with a backlog of more than 50 000 passports from Sough Africa based Zimbabweans.

Honestly such a facility would have a gone a long way to assist in availing the much needed passports. What we are seeing now is as bizarre as finding a man engulfed in flames turning down offers of cold water to put down the fires.

The Zimbabwe government skeletal staff compliment at their Johannesburg Consulate is not even coping with high volumes of submissions of passport applications. Demoralized and over worked employees also lack simple good customer services and instead spend the greater part of their time shouting and screaming at the impatient applicants. All these flimsy excuses of security concerns are just as idiotic as they barbaric.

The honest truth is that the Zanu PF Pharisees are scared of the Diaspora vote, who would have voted in their millions if this process was not sabotaged. They are trying to do everything in their powers to make it impossible for Zimbabweans based in South Africa to travel home and vote.

Zanu PF spokesman, Jorum Gumbos published statement that Zanu PF was enjoying support from Zimbabweans staying in South Africa, is as ludicrous as claiming that chickens support Nandos. Where have you seen lambs sidelining with hyenas?

The majority of the economically active Zimbabweans were frustrated out of the country by Zanu PFs political and economic maladministration of the nation. This is a fact that shall remain so. I am sure Gumbo was referring specifically to family members of employees working at the Zimbabwe Consulate and Embassy.

MDC SA Spokesman

Sibanengi Dube


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