Zanu PF functionaries abusing our security sector

mdc_logoThe actions of Zanu PF functionaries in our patriotic security sector pose a threat to the freedoms and peace of Zimbabweans. The abduction of our Masvingo South district Secretary, Elson Mutonhori on Saturday morning at gunpoint allegedly by one Major Toperesu and others from his Renco Mine home over a petty issue of putting on MDC party regalia, is a case in point. Renc

But surprisingly, the same police station, which refused to take Mutonhoris statements, hastily opened a docket for Reason Mujaka, the MDC ward 24 youth chairperson, whose father was allegedly assaulted by a war veteran for attending an MDC meeting; took the young man to court; and ensured that he is locked up in Mutimurefu prison serving his six months sentence.

It never ceases to amaze every level-headed Zimbabwean, why Zanu PF functionaries masquerading as civil servants would descend on a Zimbabwean citizen and question his right to freedom of association and assembly. Zimbabweans need peace. They need protection. They know the security sector is a necessary element of governance to protect the integrity, autonomy and interests of this country, not for a few corrupt officials to use them as tools of aggression against the people who need protection.

Such actions by Zanu PF wrongfully place the image of our patriotic security forces. The security sector should concentrate on ensuring the nation is protected from external aggression and must observe its Constitutional mandate at all times. The people of Zimbabwe yearn for the return of their dignity in society; they strive for their security, to restore their dignity, self esteem and confidence.

The MDC urges the people of Zimbabwe to resist the intimidation antics of a hornless owl; Zanu PF. Zimbabweans proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they are able to reclaim their position as a peaceful nation in March 2008. The MDC feels vindicated in its calls for the cessation of all abuses and intimidation as the nation prepares to go for elections this year.

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