Dabengwa a hypocrite

dumiso_dabengwaEDITOR - That all Zimbabweans see the complete removal of Zanu (PF) and Robert Mugabe as a step towards democracy is a fact, yet in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential elections, resurgent Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa (pictured) decided to deny the people of Zimbabwe their wish to have dictator Mugabe out of their

That Dabengwa discriminates people by the nature of their professions alone makes a big statement against his credentials as a president of any organisation, let a long a country the size of Zimbabwe. Who is Dabengwa to discriminate against the people’s choice? Thanks to him people of Zimbabwe will have to go through a violent election again, simply because his wish to stop a trade unionist carried the day.

A recent interview with SW Radio Africa helped expose Dabengwa for what he is, a hypocrite who was the Minister of Home Affairs when Patrick Nabanyama was abducted by his fellow comrades in Zanu (PF). Dabengwa now wants us to believe that he did everything possible to find out what actually happened, but where has he been all these years? Why does he want to gain political mileage from an ugly abduction when he had all the state media available to him at that time as a Zanu (PF) official and Minister of Home Affairs? What evidence do we have from Mrs. Nabanyama or other people who were close to our disappeared colleague such as David Coltart and others in the MDC who worked closely with Nabanyama? His silence at the time of the crime will not convince anyone about his sincerity.

After taking people for a ride in the 2008 by persuading them to vote for Simba Makoni, Dabengwa now says Makoni was only a braai stick he used to stop both Mugabe and Tsvangirai from winning a clear majority, as if he knew that there would be talks which would lead to a Government of National Unity?

Dabengwa was in Government for longer than the MDC has been in the rocky marriage with Zanu (PF) in the Government of National Unity, but what achievements can he point at for the people of Matebeleland resulting from his long stay in Government.

My advise to Dabengwa is that Zimbabweans do not need political clowns. All we need is to remove Robert Mugabe at all costs, and if Dabengwa is really serious about fulfilling the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe, he should mobilise support for the person with a realistic change of beating Mugabe in the next election, or quit politics completely.

Benjamin Chitate, New Zealand

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