JOMIC condemns invasions

HARARE - The Joint Monitoring and Implementing Committee (Jomic), which has in the past received criticism over its ineffectiveness, has said that it is not going to stand aside and watch Zanu (PF) supporters destroy the economy through the invasion of private properties on the shores of Lake Chivero.

Jomic statements come hard on the heels of utterances by Zanu (PF) leaders in Zvimba led by Patrick Zhuwao, the MP for the area, that people have a right to reinvade the land. Several weeks ago war veterans invaded the tourist areas of Chivero.

The group allegedly invaded chalets, boating clubs and an internationally renowned bird sanctuary owned by South African investor Gary Stafford. The reason given for the invasion by the war veterans who were led by Aaron Mazvi is that the place is replete with relics of racists.

We intend to occupy properties along Lake Chivero which have become a hiding place for former Rhodesian war veterans who have maintained their racist tendencies in the area, said a letter from the war veterans on which President Robert Mugabe and the Minister of Lands Herbert Murerwa were copied. However, Jomic says it will not stand aloof and watch people break the law.

As representatives of political parties in the GPA we want to make it clear that we will not tolerate any acts of anarchy in any sector of the economy under the guise of economic empowerment, said Jomic in a statement that was undersigned by Oppah Muchinguri of Zanu (PF), Elias Mudzuri of MDC-T and F Chamunorwa of MDC-N. Jomic, whose role it is to monitor the Government of National Unity (GNU), said that on its own it cannot stop unlawfulness in the country.

Wish as we might Jomic on its own cannot stop lawlessness in the country. We rely on and appreciate the cooperation of all stakeholders, in particular the police and political parties, to restore normalcy in the country, said Jomic. Mazvi, the Chairman of war veterans for Zvimba, has the full blessing of Zhuuwao who last week said the invasions were meant to tackle the racists.

Zhuwaos statements are in sharp contrast to the official position that has been taken by the countrys vice President Joyce Mujuru who has apologised for the invasions and the Minister of Tourism Walter Mzembi who has said that the invasions embarrassed him.

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