Madhuku explains GPA timetable

lovemore_madhukuThe chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), Dr Lovemore Madhuku (Pictured), has clarified the confusion over the timetable for ending the coalition government, telling SW Radio Africa no deadline was set in the agreement.

There is a maximum deadline which is 28 June 2013. The agreement in terms of creating the Inclusive Government cannot go beyond the term of the office of the President. So the President took oath of office on 29 June 2008 and its a 5 year term which ends 28 June 2013, Madhuku said.

War vets leader Joseph Chinotimba last week claimed the Global Political Agreement (GPA) must not be extended when it expires. He even suggested it was supposed to end on 11 February. Madhuku however said there is no minimum period. What you have in the agreement is that at the end of the constitution making process, they agreed they will review the agreement.

Outside this agreement Madhuku said was a political understanding that the constitution making process would take two years to complete, and all the parties in the coalition sold the agreement to their supporters as a two-year government. MDC was keen to convince its supporters that it wont be swallowed by Zanu (PF) so it had agreed to this political talk of two years. Zanu (PF) also benefited from talking about two years and now they no longer want the agreement and want to go back to some election.

Turning to talk of elections this year Madhuku said anything was possible. He said even if a constitutional referendum was held this year, there was no guarantee people will vote in favour of it. If the politicians want an election they can get it any time. They are not bound and there is no legal requirement for a new constitution before elections. He said all it would take is an agreement between Mugabe and Tsvangirai. If both could not agree, the GPA would collapse and Mugabe could use the old constitution to call for elections.

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