Man turned up drunk for driving test

breathalyser_testA banned driver blew a chance to get his licence back when he turned up to resit his driving theory test too drunk to even walk.

The man, named as Florin I, from Adjud, in Vrancea county, Romania, lost his right to drive when he was caught driving under the influence two years ago.

He came to sit the exam again but said he was too nervous and needed “something to boost his confidence”.

Cristina Tanasa, a spokeswoman for the local police, said: “The candidate was tested with the breathalyser and it turned out he had 1.11 mg/l alcohol in the exhaled air.

“The exam organizers noticed him having difficulties walking and decided to give him the alcohol test. He was asked to leave the exam room immediately.”

The 42-year-old man was told he will be allowed to sit the test again only if he is sober.

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