MISA-Zimbabwe Communique: MISA-Zimbabwe launches second journalist in residence

grace_mtandwaMISA-Zimbabwe's on 18 February 2011 launched the second phase of its Journalist- in- Residence programme with veteran journalist Grace Mutandwa delivering a journalism lecture at the National University of Science and Technologys Department of Journalism and Media studies in Bulawayo. {Pictured: Grace Mutandwa (in dreadlocks) i

The lecture focussed on the past and present structures of the media in Zimbabwe and how that impacted on freedom of expression dating back to the 1980s. The lecture session was attended by more than 100 media students in their first, second and fourth year during which Mutandwa shared her experiences in a career spanning more than 18 years.

The first phase of the programme was launched last year and drew on the expertise and experiences of veteran journalist Bill Saidi as the inaugural MISA-Zimbabwe Journalist-in-Residence Fellow. During his fellowship stint, Saidi conducted journalism lectures throughout the country and also found time to write his memoirs which will be published this month.

The project is designed to among other considerations, encourage senior Zimbabwean journalists to share their experiences with fellow professionals and members of the public through the writing of memoirs, blog posts and lectures as well as mentoring upcoming journalists.

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