Republic of Mthwakazi by 2012?

EDITOR - I was surprised to hear from Studio 7 [8 Feb 2011] of the impending break-away 'Republic of Mthwakazi.'
The republic, which allegedly will consist of both the Matabelelands and parts of the Midlands, is said to be due to declare independence by 1 January 2012.

The pronouncements by the spokesman, one Mr Magagula, shows how sick and desperate Zimbabwe has become.

The sickness emanates from the sick policy of discrimination – whether on paper or in practice i.e. – that a certain tribe or race cannot produce a prime-minister or president in Zimbabwe. This practice has been there since independence in 1980.

In 1980, Joshua Nkomo could not be declared winner in the general elections despite the nation-wide belief that Patriotic Front Zapu had won. The fact that Nkomo was from Matabeleland and perceived to be Ndebele took precedence; as no Ndebele could become P.M. or president.

At the formation of the MDC, the late Gibson Sibanda, who was president of the ZCTU, could not be president of the newly-formed MDC because he was Ndebele. It was therefore convenient to give the presidency to Morgan Tsvangirai who was Shona – and from a tribe that can produce a president or prime-minister.

The ensuing break away from the party that was to follow – with Sibanda, Ncube and others forming a new party on the pretext that there was disagreement on the proposed Senate etc, was just a result of this divisive policy. Come the break-away party – and still neither Sibanda nor Ncube can be president despite being the most senior members of the party – and only because they are Ndebele. What happens next? Bang comes in Mutambara – who had until then, been neither a card-carrying member nor sympathiser] to serve as messiah for the moment. And when time seems convenient – out with him. In the meantime the divisions play into the hands of Zanu (PF), which ironically beats the Zimbabweans in both the 2008 elections. Are we heading for another break-away from the breakaway MDC- M? Ncube will probably not be sworn in as deputy P.M. merely because of this injustice. Is it not a good idea for three men of one tribe to be principals in the GPA?

Leaving the Shonas and Ndebeles alone for a moment – the white-shona: Roy Bennett was denied a ministerial post only because of his skin colour. Have you not heard that from 1980 till kingdom comes there wont be a white-led government in Zimbabwe? according to the wishes of some sections of the Zimbabweans.

Why will we, as Zimbabweans not unite under one umbrella – that we are children of one God regardless of race, creed, colour, gender, height, age etc?

Trying to create a Ndebele Republic will surely be a complicated issue. It will mean that many non-Ndebeles will have to leave the country. That boils down to even family break-ups; where you find that either the wife or husband is Ndebele; while the other is Shona and the children are neither. So one spouse and the kids will not qualify to be a citizen, so they will be forced to relocate further east of the Midlands.

The bottom line – no republic can be formed on the foundation of only one tribe.

Zimbabwe Unite, Joburg.

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