Truth is the most valuable asset – Chamisa

nelson_chamisaHon. Nelson Chamisa (Pictured), the MDC Secretary for Information and Publicity, on Thursday said truth is the most valuable asset that every public figure should declare first if this nation is to prosper and bring to an end rampant corruption.

At a Transparency Zimbabwe International public meeting on The Declaration of Assets by Public Figures, held in Harare, Hon. Chamisa said without the truth, it would be impossible to declare all assets that belong to a person.

Hon. Chamisa said the peoples Party of Excellence, the MDC, whose open palm signified openness, transparency and honesty, advocated for a corruption – free society through its Real Change Code of Ethics and Values. All members of the National Executive Committee and National Council have declared their assets before attorneys.

Meanwhile, Sinoti Sitsha, 62, an MDC member in Zhombe, Midlands North province was last week on Friday abducted at gunpoint at his home by four men driving an unmarked green Mazda pickup truck. Sitsha, a war veteran, was driven to Battlefields in the same province where he was severely assaulted. During the assault he was asked why he was an MDC member, while he was benefitting from the government monthly payouts. He sustained serious injuries and is receiving treatment in Harare.

In Unit H, Chitungwiza, Tenson Chitobvoro, the MDC district director of elections has been arrested by the police for distributing free copies of the MDC official mouthpiece, The Real Change Time. Chitobvoro is detained at Chitungwiza Police Station but no charges have been levelled against him.

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