Zanu PF must stop abusing hapless youths

zanu_pf_logoThe MDC strongly condemns Zanu PFs barbaric behaviour which reached a climax in Harare yesterday as the partys youths tried to invade and loot businesses in Harare.

Nowhere has an economy been driven through lawlessness and a casual destruction of the little that exists as a way of mass empowerment.

The MDC was surprised to learn that the police earlier sanctioned such demonstration and deliberately did nothing to protect innocent business people from Zanu PFs wanton attacks and a subsequent looting spree that followed the disturbances.

In the recent past, we have noticed a disconcerting practice within certain political sections of our community which seek to promote lawlessness under the guise of Zanu PFs indigenisation dream. The recent invasions at Lake Chivero are in case in point.

The MDC believes that it is criminal to abuse young people and turn them into criminals for political gains. Zimbabwes youths must be inspired to nurture values of tolerance as they represent the future. For that reason, the MDC maintains its position against brainwashing the youths into murderers and killing machines in pursuit of a tired Zanu PF political dream.

In a new Zimbabwe, our youths shall claim their place as the vanguard of society and creators of the nations wealth through a glut of opportunities and jobs. The country is fast moving towards the end of an uncertain period of almost two generations of Zimbabweans who have suffered the most from Zanu PF tyranny and a crisis of governance.

That period has seen the majoritys hopes and aspirations dashed and pushed millions into the Diaspora for food, economic freedom and political security.

As a force of darkness, Zanu PF loathes a society where accountability, the rule of law and a Constitutional order anchor the nations desire for peace, security and good governance. In all the cases in which they abuse the youths, the Zanu PF elite quickly moves in to feather its nests, forcing them back into perpetual penury.

No holistic reforms can be meaningful when they are implemented in a haphazard approach. Politics, economics and public security must be integrated for total transformation to be felt by all. Emotional, politically induced and insincere empowerment programmes that fail to extend a peoples entrance to sustainable development will never address the critical needs of the youths. What is needed is a holistic approach to economic recovery so that real jobs are created in agriculture; in mining; in tourism; in manufacturing and in commerce and industry.

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