Zimbabwe is bigger than this problem!

welcome_to_zimbabweEDITOR - It pains me to watch the human suffering taking place in the breadth and depth of my country. There is an urgent need to reach out to bring relief and hope to the resilient people of Zimbabwe, who have lost everything in the name of power and corruption.

How it happens that people, who form the basis of existence for this nation, would be subjected to this torture and suffering boggles the mind.

I am 23, and I am not really sure anymore what the reason for the struggle for our liberation was all about. Was it not to regain our lost pride, our stolen dignity, our denied security? Was it not a war to liberate the people of Zimbabwe from the clutches of poverty, from the command of the barrel; was it not a war to ensure that societies live in harmony, where all people are equal?

I believe enough bloodshed has been witnessed in Zimbabwe. As a Christian first, this killing must stop. The word of God reminds us that the wicked may enjoy for a while, but their suffering is before them. Psalms 37 verses 1-2 say Dont be worried on account of the wicked; dont be jealous of those who do wrong. They will soon disappear like grass that dries up; they will die like plants that wither. We might be powerless now, but God is all-powerful and all knowing that we cannot mock him.

As a Zimbabwean citizen, I am baffled that our state has regenerated into a country where violence gets praise in the public media. Have we gone down to being enemies when we are brothers and sisters?

How can that be possible? For a son to rise against his mother in the name of politics, why should our parents be reduced to zero by a thug who tells me they are patriotic Zimbabwe? We cannot hide behind patriotism to promote laziness, violence, hatred and wickedness.

I am highly pained at the sight of my fellow youths, who are being used as political tissue papers, to wipe away the dirt created by those with bulging stomachs.

We have political kwashiorkor in our society, because we have lacked in the other ingredients that make our society as democratic. We have had the same meal for over 30 years and this has, instead of aiding growth, contributed to the demise of this once glorious nation. – Yvonne Mashayamombe, UK

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