Bennett launches site

bennett_roy7HARARE The rightful Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Roy Bennett (Pictured), has launched a website in exile to promote freedom in Zimbabwe. has been established to raise money in order that people like Bennett can fight the dictatorship crippling his home nation. He has petitioned ordinary Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora to join him by donating any amount they can afford. This will enable him to work with those committed to democracy and delivering dignity, justice and peace to all Zimbabweans.

Many have understandably become cynical about Zimbabwe, feeling that stagnation has set-in, that Zimbabweans have given up, that change can never come. But that is not true. The people remain resolute and committed. It is resources that are the game-breaker. In the past, we have floundered in the face of financial limitations. When this changes we will win. And it is your support that will make the difference. You may not be able to fight with us in the trenches, but you can join the struggle. Every dollar will bring us closer. Together we can make Zimbabwe free, reads a statement from Bennett on the site.

For more information, or to donate to the cause, visit

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