Demo threat gives Mugabe the jitters

soldiersHARARE - A jumpy President Robert Mugabe sent troops, military vehicles and water cannons out into the streets this week to forestall any possible anti-government demonstrations. Several activists were arrested over the weekend and tortured in an attempt to thwart potential Libya-style protests.

Heavily armed soldiers and riot police were seen arriving in military vehicles near Harare gardens on Monday. As violence and intimidation continue to sweep across the country, support for protest action has slowly begun to grow, with the public being encouraged via an online campaign dubbed the Million Citizen March.

SW Radio Africa reported that the business community was more worried about the Zanu (PF) members being bussed into the capital for yesterdays Two million signature rally to launch Mugabes anti-sanctions campaign. Last time Zanu (PF) thugs marched in the city, they destroyed business premises and looted goods worth millions of dollars.

Mmeanwhile the UK-based Zimbabwe Vigil held a demonstration outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London on Tuesday, while refugee rights group PASSOP organised a demonstration outside the SA Parliament in Cape Town, calling for South Africa to condemn the ongoing violence and intimidation by Zanu (PF).

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